The end of the story

Dear beloved readers! We have some unfortunate news to announce. We have decided not to continue with our blog anymore. The past month we haven’t updated anything as we’ve been traveling, spending time with loved ones, and preparing for our move. The vastness of the change that is ahead of us has hit home and we have made the decision to prioritise finishing our time well here in Finland, but also giving ourselves time to adapt to our new life in Australia. We have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog for two reasons. Firstly, we have managed to prepare financially for our future and have been able to reinforce good financial habits. Secondly, we have enjoyed the communication and the encouragement from the PF community. We’ve loved hearing your opinions, stories, and encouragement. We will continue commenting on blogs although we won’t be writing our own anymore.

Although we have been silent here on the blog, we’ve made good progress with our plans. Mrs DN finished her work this week and Mr DN has few more weeks to go. We have reached our savings goals for our move but also for the travels we are doing before the move. We have also sold/pre-sold 90 % percent of our furniture. It has been great to see how we have been able to work together and prepare for our move as a team. With our small nest egg and with the help of family, we will hopefully have a good start in Australia.

So thank you for all your support and we wish you all the best!

Much love,

Mr and Mrs Dollar Notes




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11 thoughts on “The end of the story

  1. Oh no! Sad news for us readers but I totally understand and glad you’re making the right choice for you guys. Fingers crossed you will be in a position to pick it up again once you’re settled! I’ve given quite a few people the address to come read your blog – not sure who has done it yet but if you wanted to leave it accessible to readers, that would be cool. No pressure though! Whatever suits you guys. Enjoy your last bits of time in Finland and know that we’re excitedly anticipating your arrival down here in a couple months! 🙂

  2. Aw guys! Sad to see you go – do you think there is a chance you’ll come back to blogging after you’re settled into Australian life? I can completely understand why you’ve decided to stop blogging, it’s hard work even just adding it to a normal life, let alone with your moving situation added on top.

    Tristan and I are rooting for you! even if you’re not blogging you’ve got our PF blogger friendship for life 🙂


    1. Thanks Jasmin and Tristan for your support, you have been an encouragement to us! We are not sure yet if we would get back to blogging once we have settled, it is something we still need to discuss 🙂 We will still be around commenting and following your journey!

  3. My first thought was: Oh no! But I can see you’re doing this exactly the way you want to. We’ll be sad to not read your posts any more. I hope you can give us an update when you have made the move 🙂

    We hope the move goes well and you find the life you’re looking for here. See you around hopefully..


  4. Oh, we will miss you here! Best of luck for everything, and I do hope that once you have settled over here you will decide to pick up where you left off. If possible, can you leave your blog accessible to readers? You have some good posts that I would like to refer back to.

    1. Hey Mrs ETT,

      thank you for your kind words! We are still in the process of thinking if we should keep this blog accessible for readers but it’s good to know that there are some people that would enjoy reading it again 🙂

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