Dealing with uncertainty

Unfortunately, I’ve been really bad at writing this month. I’ve had hard time motivating myself because my thoughts have been on our move. Somehow I didn’t realize what a huge transition it is to wrap up our life and move from one country to another. I have traveled and lived abroad previously, but never for an unlimited amount of time.

The land of unknowns

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to deal with all the unknowns. There are so many open-ended questions in my head and I’m trying to prepare as well as I can. I’m thinking (worrying) about how my career will progress, in which city we will live and how will we find friends. On top of this, our friends and family are asking if we have a place already, whether we got the visa, have we found jobs and are we set otherwise. Most of the time the answer our no, no, no, and no: we will figure things out once we get there. How scary is that? We have prepared financially so that we can set up our new home and get by the first few months. But even with all the preparation we have done, the are many factors beyond our control.

But I guess this is how it is with any big change, you can prepare only so much and then you will just have to trust that the rest will work out. Being somebody who enjoys security and knowing what happens next, trusting is not that easy for me. Luckily I’m not the only one that is moving. Mr DN has been great in this process, he is trying to remind me that we are moving together and we will face the unknowns as a team. And this is exactly true, I’m jumping into the unknown with my best friend. Is there anything better than that? I have made many big changes in my life earlier but now I get to do one of the biggest ones together with someone I completely trust.

Our plans are becoming more concrete

Although there are many things we don’t know, there is some progress we have made! We actually bought our tickets so finally we have a schedule for our move. We are moving before the end of the year and decided to do some epic travel on our way to Australia. We will do a three-week trip traveling through Spain, France, England and US. We have family all around the world so half of the trip will be spending some good quality time with loved ones. What a great way to start a new season in our lives by appreciating the people we already have in our lives!


I’m really looking forward to our move, but it does take time to process everything that comes with the change. Is there anything that has helped you with a major transition in your life?


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14 thoughts on “Dealing with uncertainty

  1. I guess I can say I know how you feel, it’s probably exciting and scary at the same time. Moving is basically stepping out of your comfort zone and we know that isn’t an easy thing to do for many people. It’s a huge leap but you’re right, there’s nothing better than sharing this change and new chapter with your husband. 🙂 I can tell you that it will be difficult at the start and maybe you’ll miss home a bit more than you think, but I can also tell you that taking that jump is definitely worth it. Good luck with your move and your travels! Your plan sounds exciting!

    1. Thank you J! It is nice to know that there are other people who have gone through the same thing and have survived! I’m so glad though that there is skype and I’m able to keep in touch with family and friends back home!

  2. The feelings you are going through are totally a normal part of the process. It is a scary thing to take the step to unknown. The uncertainty makes it a little daunting. It’s not gonna be easy always, But I know you’ll be fine! As you said.. What a sweet thing that you get to share the whole thing with your best friend, you are in it together! It’s gonna make you a stronger team. My advice for you is to enjoy this moment right now! There is enough worries for tomorrow. This is an unique season, so take the most out of it! Hopefully you guys will have the most gorgeous Summer in Finland. And we can’t wait to see you in the Fall!

    1. We miss you Ava, we are really looking forward to seeing you soon! Today we were really enjoying the moment. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went walking around the local allotments. It was so beautiful to see all the apple trees and flowers in full bloom!

  3. I’m sure you’ll be fine! 🙂

    The last time I moved abroad everyone else seemed to worry about my accommodation arrangements beforehand. I was moving to a place where you find accommodation via word-of-mouth, not by ads online. Which was very difficult to explain to some people in Finland 😉 Everything turned out fine and I had several places to chose from in the end.

    You guys seem like such an amazing team, so I’m sure you can handle anything that comes your way.

    (In fact, I’m actually reading a book called ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ by Ryan Holiday right now. I’m hoping it’ll help me change my attitude towards difficult situations. I worry too much! ;))

  4. We’re in a similar situation, we’ll be starting life in a new city once our year of travel draws to a close, it’s pretty daunting (not as daunting as a new country i’m sure!) but I think you’ve summed it up in that “you can prepare only so much and then you will just have to trust that the rest will work out”. You’ve given yourself the best footing you can financially and so you have a nice buffer even if things don’t go perfectly, plus you’ll always have Mr. DN to help you through.

    We’ve found that focussing on the all the exciting and positive possibilities has made us less nervous about a move (easier said than done I know). Good luck with it all, very jealous of the trip before you move. I’ll be interested to see which state/city you end up in, is there anywhere that’s appealing to you at the moment?

    1. Moving to a completely new city is daunting as well! Where are you guys moving, if I may ask? We are planning to move to Brisbane region 🙂 After your comment, I did start thinking more about the positives relating to the move. We are looking forward to spending plenty of quality time with family and having a more outdoorsy lifestyle!

      1. We’ll be in Sydney! A few mixed feelings, it’ll be expensive and fast paced but something new, different and exciting.

        That’s cool, we just passed through that area and absolutely loved it. Nice weather and everyone we met was lovely too, i’m sure you’re going to really enjoy it! It seems ideal for more outdoorsy things, the glasshouse mountains are about an hours drive and beautiful 🙂

        1. Good luck with your moving plans, I’m sure you will make the most of Sydney!

          Queensland is great, I have lived there for a bit a few years back and I really enjoyed the lifestyle. I’m really looking forward to exploring the area a bit more though!

  5. Moving country is a very, very big deal. It’s okay to feel stressed/overwhelmed/etc that’s to be expected. But then it’s just as important to buckle up your belt and pull up your socks. You guys are doing this because you want to, it WILL all work out. When you are sat in your house with jobs in the future, you will look back on this stage and think it’s another lifetime.

    Your trip sounds amazing, maybe you should take some scenic pictures of some of the places you go. Let us know if there is any advice we can offer.


  6. I can understand your anxiety. I was stressed just moving 10km! The thing I remind myself during these changes is that I will still be the same person, and I will have my family – the most important people in my life – by my side. Let us know if there is anything practical we can help with before or when you get here. Your trip over here sounds fabulous!

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